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Becoming an industry leader is something that every business strives toward. It can be a powerful thing when people begin to look to you for information, opinions and expertise regarding your industry. When prospective clients think about your industry, does your business pop into their head first? Are bloggers and social media influencers scrambling to share your thoughts and insights? It’s definitely no easy task. There are a variety of ways to get to this status and one of the most under appreciated marketing tools available is Twitter Chats which is gaining popularity and people are seeing positive results from a business perspective.

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Twitter Chats are available to all twitter users using the set hashtag for the chat which is usually announced in advance. It’s like an online chat room for like-minded individuals where you contribute to the conversation by tweeting.  Each Twitter Chat uses the same hashtag in every tweet so people can search for that hashtag to follow along and chime in when they want.  People will share their insights regarding the topic and you’re encouraged to do so as well. There are many chats that are on a regular schedule and there’s likely a chat for your specific industry. Here is a pretty extensive list of ongoing tweet chats.

Once you start partaking in Twitter Chats, you’ll notice a spike in the number of followers you have as well as an increase in tweet impressions, mentions, profile visits and likely an increase in website traffic.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t be shy about “Favoriting” and “Retweeting” worthy tweets
  • Usually the moderator formats questions using “Q1” for Question 1. Make sure to respond back using “A1” for Answer 1 and the hashtag the chat is using.
  • All your tweets are also seen by your followers who are not participating in the chat. Thus, any retweets you get from other Twitter Chatters gets seen by their followers.

After you’ve mastered contributing to a Twitter Chat, consider hosting one yourself and take the next step toward becoming a brand synonymous with industry expertise! Or check out our Twitter informational page for general information.

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