Sales Automation: The Essential Ingredient

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When we started our internet marketing business over 13 years ago, I learned quickly, that  cold calling was not for me. Coming from the restaurant business where sales came in the door by opening up every day!

Easy….good locations=good sales.

Now to survive I had to pick up the phone and talk to successful business owners
about the benefits of getting on the internet. In 2001, Google and Yahoo were funny sounding names for businesses, and the internet was still a mystery to most.
I did not know what an “elevator speech” meant, networking, or scripted calls.

I hated cold calling…

Outsourcing telemarketing saved the day. We tried an email blast, (50 a week!), new and unknown at the time and got a response from a local direct marketing company that did direct mail and telemarketing. Surprised they responded,as this was before “Spam” rules.
They thought they could set appointments for me so I traded a website for appointments. Telemarketing sounded a bit off center for what I thought how our business should evolve, but I was desperate for a way out of cold calling….

They got me 3 appointments a week. This was waaaay better…and we became
successful beyond our dreams over the next few years.

Fast forward to the recession.
In denial for the first couple of years, so continued to spend money on appointments now thinking I will get on the other side of the poor economy with less competition and be stronger for it. Clients in the auto industry, real-estate, mortgage brokers and manufacturing pulled back, or worse failed. I finally came to the realization we are in deep do do, and it’s change or be changed. The globe was on hold and everyone was in survival mode.

We changed too, focusing on helping our clients with their online marketing, consolidating, testing new ways to deliver value and develop new sales techniques, like tapping into Linkedin. We also added a number of partnership relationships to our repertoire of marketing skills, but if I know one thing in business. Sales is numero uno…..

So whats’ way better than cold calling, telemarketing, or more commissioned sales reps?

Sales Automation

We have learned how to automate your sales, marketing and follow up process using intelligent software together with creative writing.

Do you know that potential customers who receive a response within the first hour are 60 times likely to convert than companies waiting 24 hours.

CRM, a proper database that can be segmented so we can nurture
prospects and engaging clients effectively will build loyalty and grow you new business by saving lost sales, gaining referrals and up-sales.

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Headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, 4 Site Digital is an award-winning digital marketing agency with Midwest Values, focused on helping small to medium size companies create business momentum to accelerate growth. Our Google Partner Agency know-how tailered with in house Infusionsoft Certified Support powers clients automated sales platforms. Clients recieve “Fanatical Support” utilizing Rackspace Hosting. The agency executes client strategies across any website development, SEO & PPC marketing, social media, and creative online campaigns.