NPS – what do your customers think?

Net Promoter Score or NPS® and what it means to your small business.

Popular with large corporations, this simple system unlocks powerful follow up and referral opportunities.

Step 1, simple survey. How likely are you to recommend us?

Rating 0-10 (0) “Not likely”, (10) “Very likely”, share comments.
Scores 0-6 are detractors, 7 & 8 are neutral, and 9 & 10’s are promoters.

Step 2, subtract your detractor score from your promoter score to get your NPS Score.
The powerful piece comes from what you do with this information.

NPS, improve CRM/Email

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Detractors: Automatically send them a follow up email 30 minutes later. “How can we serve you better” email from the owner, follow up phone call, invite them to detail further their issue, discount on next service, etc. The worst thing you can do is nothing. This is fuel for them to blast you on social media, tell their friends and colleagues. It can be something simple to get that raving fan back from being an apathetic customer, or worst a walking sales killer.
Neutral: Similar to the detractors you’re looking to move these customers into that promoter group. Use the comments and feedback to improve sales staff, products, delivery, up-sell and website content.
Promoters: Thank them for the kind words and ask for a referral, offer discount on service, or testimonials (email testimonial is great, but encourage them to leave the review on your Google business listing, Customer Lobby account, or industry portal.

Automating Your Follow Up
Execute all of this as an automated process with Infusionsoft Campaign that helps streamline this important process. The campaign below shows this process, with a follow up sequence 6 months later, and again at 12 months. Staying in touch is a valuable option for consumable products, as accessories are released, long term customer relationships and could be configured to target seasonality.
We employ this system as an Infusionsoft Certified Partner to help improve our systems, make more sales and improve our customer’s experience. This is just one way Infusionsoft is better than constant contact, or a traditional CRM system. If you’d like a demo of Infusionsoft for your business give us a call 866-462-4030 or view a demo.

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