How to Market to the Millennials

Many businesses are looking to transition theirmarketing campaigns from traditional
efforts in order to attract and reach the new aged adults. Millennials (born 1981-2000) make up over a quarter of the population and are currently the largest generation with about 80 million people. They also are the most educated as more millennials have gone to college than ever before. So marketing to the largest crowd with potentially a lot of buying power seems like a no brainer. So we’ll explain how to market to this up and coming generation.

The best way to market to the millennials can be summed up in one word: online. That’s where they are and that’s how you have to reach them. But they’re a picky group and you have to reach them on their terms. Shoving ads at them is completely ineffective. Instead, being visible when they have shown interest in your business or industry is the way to go. Remarketing campaigns would be a great option to accomplish this since they would have shown interest in your business.

Hello I'm a Millennial words on a nametag or sticker to illustrate a young person in the demographic group interested in mobile technology, texting and social networking

The average millennial checks their phone 43 times a day (seems low if you ask me…a millennial) and many use four devices throughout the day- phone, tablet, computer, T.V. Many of their purchases are well thought out and rely on reviews before making a decision. Many of their purchases are well thought out and rely on reviews before making a decision. Growing up in what some consider two separate recessions, this is a money conscious generation and it’s rare that they splurge on purchases.  That said, a family or friend review about a business is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly more significant to millennials. Be on the lookout for negative reviews online and respond to them in a timely manner. This shows as a business owner, you care about your customers and that goes a long way with this generation.

Being active and engaging with customers online through social media is the best way to earn trust with the millennials. Maintaining a blog is a great avenue for marketing to millennials as they can read about your business and create brand loyalty as well.

Don’t give up and move on from Generation X and the baby boomers, they still have the most to spend but keep an open mind about marketing to the next generation too. Who knows, after they dig themselves out of all the debt they’re in they might have money to spend too.

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