Keys to Local SEO Success

Many small to medium sized businesses are looking for the most cost effective  ways to get noticed online. I’m sure you’re probably one of them. You’ve got a website, you’ve set up social media profiles and you may even blog on occasion. But what else is there? What are other local businesses doing that get them so much online success?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) isn’t a new term by any means but it carries more weight now than it ever has. SEO isn’t one thing; it’s a group of online marketing tools working together to raise your search ranking. Getting noticed organically in the search results is not only cost effective, but effective in general. Local businesses in every city are fighting for the top spot in the search results and below are some ways to achieve this spot!

  1. Optimize your website– Your website is the foundation for which everything else regarding your online presence is built. Hopefully you have a great domain name that accurately reflects your business type. Make sure your business name, address and phone number is not only on your homepage and contact page, but each individual page of your site too. Finally, add content to identify it to your area. If you’re across the street from the local Walmart or anything of significance, add it to your copy to help boost your visibility as a local business. Local SEO
  1. Have a Responsive Website- Along with optimizing your content; having a responsive website is imperative! As mentioned in a previous blog, Google has made having a mobile-friendly website more important and those without one will be negatively impacted in the search results.
  1. Set Up Your Google My Business Page– While Google+ failed horribly as a social media network, it’s still vital for businesses. Fully setting up your My Business Page will help your local SEO success tremendously. It will give users the ability to quickly find your website, phone number, address and reviews about your business. You should also include pictures of your building, staff, etc. which ensures you as a serious online presence. Finally, make sure to verify your information to establish authenticity.
  1. Establish Consistency Online- Being consistent with your information online is always important to remember. Any place where people could find your business needs to have the same information for your name, address and phone number. So double check that for YellowPages, Angieslist, Yelp, etc.

If you need help with any of these feel free to contact us. We do this every day.

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