Google’s Advice for Small Business

You want your small business to compete with large business empires and even the small business next door. Focus on your service and exemplify online what makes your services different, diversify from big companies, and cater to speed and flexibility on the web.

At 4Site Digital’s recent Google Partners and Infusionsoft Presentation, these guidelines were some of the key aspects addressed by professionals, such as Vice President of Global Small Business Marketing, Arjan Dijk, and Google Adwords Evangelist, Fred Vallaeys.  To effectively market your business or trade online, your target audience needs to be aware of what your business wants to achieve.  The customer must hear your voice and engage with the content you provide online.

Optimizing Website Navigation

Effective online marketing consists of optimizing your website for the consumer.  Your website should not be jam-packed and over abused with key words, whereas it becomes too clustered for the consumer to understand.  The customer should navigate the site with ease by clicking on short menus and filling out design-efficient forms.  Making reviews and feedback available online influences customers to make their purchasing decisions.

In fact, 90% of customers base purchases and services on reviews found online.  This is where small businesses fall short to bigger competitors, as 55% of small businesses do not have reviews available on their websites.  Whether on Google+, Yelp, Facebook or on their own website, positive reviews and positive responses to negative reviews are a must-have as these show why customers enjoyed the service or how the company is engaging with customers to make the experience better.

Using Google Advertising Tools

Vallaeys explained how businesses should use online advertising to expand their online presence and better customer engagement.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows a company’s website to have high relevance in online searches and promotes free visitors to your website.  Google has over 200 factors that decide a websites ranking, so keeping content fresh and engaging, while highlighting a company’s niche services, can improve a business’s authority on the web.  Using Google Adwords and incorporating geo-targeting can improve higher click-through rates and Quality Scores.

Other topics and online tools discussed at our presentation were:

  • Remarketing – Offering prospects and previous viewers coupons and rewards
  • YouTube and Trueview Ads – Showcasing products and services through video
  • Google Alerts – Monitoring the web for specific content
  • Google Analytics – Breaking down your website’s performance and traffic
  • Google Trends – Applying trends to projected sales
  • Google Display Network – Create text, image, and multimedia advertisements

Check out the videos shown at the event:

  1. Arjan Dijk, Q&A –
  2. Ben Wood, Working with agencies –
  3. Fred Vallaeys, AdWords presentation  –
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