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Might seem odd, a digital marketing agency writing a blog post about finding a printer. Recently I needed some folders printed for an important presentation coming up at the end of the week.  Leaving Kinkos, well now FedEx after them telling me it would take two weeks; I used to love Kinkos, 24/7, enthusiastic staff, & can do attitudes….. so I left and drove out into the parking lot across the street and stopped to search for a printer on my iPhone. Here’s how it went.

SEARCH-“Printers” to start. At the top were images and I did not want a computer printer, but the local maps below, showed me half a dozen print shops in St. Louis, but wanted one closer in St. Charles, so back to Search and this time

SEARCH- “St. Charles Printers”; three possibilities fit. First one, said their focus was direct response, second was the one I had used for new business cards but NG; number three got the tap, even though the search result said “Welcome to our website”.

Clicked and their site opened quickly, but could not read it without the stretch finger movement, not “thumb friendly”.   Clicked on the phone number but no connection…NG.  No link, phone number was embedded in the logo image and no address, clicked to Contact Us Page so I could find the address to tell Siri where to take me.

Already took too much time, but they were close and I needed these folders by Friday. What I had to do was a real chore. Memorize the phone number, close the website, pull up the phone and hit the numbers right.  Two times! Phone was busy.  Finally got through, they could deliver, so was on my way…..

Two days past.  Proofs came via email, and again in my car and on my iPhone, but had to get the approval back within the hour to have folders by Friday. No phone number to call. Again back to the website, back to memorizing phone number, closing site and pulling up dial page to place the call.  Good thing they had a committed customer.

Got the work on time and they did do a great job, plus I was able to make an appointment to review digital marketing opportunities and some necessities for a mobile website. Found out they use to get all the business they could handle from the Yellow Pages, being first in the listings for many years….but no longer.  Quality work and services, but not connected to survive in today’s’ digital marketplace.

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