Google Adwords Call Tracking

As a business owner, you probably ask the question “Where did you hear about us?” more times than you’d like to admit to potential customers. With all of the places online where you could be found, it’s becoming more and more important to figure out how customers find you.  One of the many ways Google can track how customers find you is through Call Tracking.

Call tracking replaces your business phone number with a forwarding number that Google applies to your pay-per-click ad. You will still get the call as you normally would; however, Call Trackingthe customer calls a different number which, then, gets forwarded to your business. This allows for tracking to see which ads are getting the most response and
which ones could use improvement.

If your business is visible in multiple places like yelp, urbanspoon, listing on Google, pay-per-click ad etc. it can be very hard to track where your calls are coming from. Call Tracking simplifies that and enables you to better manage your budget.

Did I mention this feature is FREE? If someone clicks on your ad, the standard cost-per-click would still apply, however.

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