Sink Leaking? Time to Call Amazon Services

Amazon will soon be branching out and dipping into a whole new realm.
Amazon Home Services will soon be available allowing local service companies to advertise directly on Amazon. Currently it’s only available in a few test markets and no decision yet if the program will expand. The new idea is an effort for Amazon to tap into the home service industry which is estimated at an astounding $800 billion industry.

“It’s a pretty natural extension of our business to move into the service space,” said Peter Faricy, Vice President of Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon Services The way it works is when a consumer searches for a service on Amazon, an ad featuring a local businesses providing that service will show up.

Amazon isn’t alone in trying to become the one-stop-shop to home services. Google too, and many smaller start-ups are trying to get a piece of this enormous industry.

A sample of some of the services offered include: Air Duct Cleaning, Faucet installation, Holiday Light Installation, Power Washing, TV Wall Mounting, and many more!

The full list of services can be found here along with the pricing options.

Could you as a small business leverage this approach on your website?  Will offering a menu of pre-defined service tasks attract customers?

The DIY home owner could be a buyer once they find out finishing that daunting project may be more affordable than they think.  Consumers eliminate the hassle of calling multiple companies to get prices on the project and get upfront pricing on the service.

Gaining exposure to this audience by Advertising on YouTube (my first stop when researching a repair or maintenance task).  Target local “how to”, Keyword searches on Google, YouTube (2nd largest search engine), Bing and Yahoo.

We love to talk strategy give us a call if you want research on search volumes or ideas on what might work best in your market.

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