3 Helpful Google Analytics Reports

Reports, reports and more reports. Google Analytics is full of them. You can easily be consumed with “paralysis of analysis” pretty quickly if you’re looking at data that isn’t customized for your business. To simplify the process of using reports, we found three useful reports that you can use today to find valuable website analytics.

1. Page Timing Report

For measuring site performance & acquisition patterns, this report is one you may not typically think of on a day-to-day basis. This report will instantly reveal pages of your website that are causing problems by loading slowly. The benefit of this report is that you can compare the page load time to the bounce rate. If the load time is slow and the bounce rate is high, you’ll know it will need improvements.

2. Content Efficiency Report– (Log into your Google Analytics account then click this link to open the report)

This report will tell you how your content is performing. Created by Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, Avinash Kaushik, this report will focus on which pages perform well and ones that will need some optimization. The main benefit of this report is that it will identify which content is most engaging to Analyticsthe visitors of your site (videos, pictures, reviews, etc.). This will compare the behavior of the visitors to their outcome giving you insights into what works best for your visitors.

3. Referring Pages Report– (Log into your Google Analytics account then click this link to open the report)

The Referring Pages Report is great for tracking the top referring links to your site. It will show you which pages (not just which website) your links are coming from. It will identify which links are high-quality and which links are resulting in positive results. Also, lately there has been a spike in referral spam which could lead to corrupt analytics data as well as possible security issues. These spam domains will show up as websites that are unrecognizable and not trusted. An example of one spam site is “buttons-for-websites.com” and there are many others. An easy fix to making sure this doesn’t happen to your site is by adding a filter which blocks it.

Using these reports and personalizing them even more based on your business needs will simplify a few key stats that help you identify your problem areas quickly.

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